Utilize Negative Space to Make Your Website Look Great

There are certain principles in web designing that all the designers must know. One such principle is the usage of negative space. Negative space is the white space what we see behind the content. It’s really difficult to explain the importance of negative space in words. But we can say that it’s one of the key components that make a great visual composition. A good web design makes the efficient use of negative space to create some distance between the elements on the page and allow them to breathe. 

Negative space is certainly not a bad thing; most of the designers think that it’s very important to fill up most of the white spaces that they find on the page to add more content or features to make the page look smaller. All it can do is clog all the things together and make it more clumsy and difficult to read. The page text always needs a good space or else the content becomes almost unreadable. But too much of negative space will also be a problem; so the designers need to make sure that it’s balanced.         

Below mentioned are some methods to incorporate negative space in your design:

Overshoot negative spaces:

  • It’s always better to overshoot negative space instead of undershooting it. Having more space in the text blocks makes the text look better than not having enough space for it. Try both and you yourself will know the difference.
  • Utilizing the negative space is definitely a double-edged sword where too much or too little leads to a disaster. So the designers need to train their eyes to see perfect values for particular font sizes.

Clear content hierarchy:

  • The main purpose of composition-related negative space is to distinguish between tiered page elements. Just think of different areas of a website (the logo, headers, navigation and image slideshows); all these elements have different levels of importance based on their relationship to each other.
  • Negative space plays main role in increasing or decreasing the visibility of the elements on a page. Of course, nobody wants to decrease the visibility in such a way that the elements are clogged together. Having more space between the elements makes it stand out against the design composition. 

Readable typography:

  • Negative space is really an important factor when it comes to typography. It plays an important role in all the mediums including the print work. The letters must be large enough and also properly spaced to get a sense of words, sentences and paragraphs.
  • Just think of typography falling into the content hierarchy. The headers must be recognized immediately as the leaders of the page. The big header must capture the attention as it is something that defines what the content is all about.

Balanced page sections:

  • Web designers need to have a keen pair of eyes to attain a balanced web layout. Negative space can help you in identifying the slight differences if the designers can measure content areas properly.
  • The background colours also create a feeling of broad design. But the negative space is definitely an indispensible piece to the web layout. Negative space is something which you fail to notice when it’s there; but when the things are crammed up, you will surely notice its absence.  

In order to design a healthy website layout, the designers have to make use of negative space in proper proportions and they also need to think of incorporating the space in their design.

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