WhatsApp to Adopt Few Major Features of Facebook

4 August 2015

Melbourne: WhatsApp being one of the popular instant messaging services recently brought a few advancements on group chats which comprises the ability to see who’s typing, group admin’s ability to share the admin authorities to other members of the group and blue ticks to indicate that the messages are read. But now, it’s being said that the next update on WhatsApp would adopt a few features from its parent company Facebook.

What features of Facebook are being adopted by WhatsApp?

  • According to the rumours disseminating around, the ‘Like’ button and ‘Mark as unread’ are the two features that are expected to be included in the next update of WhatsApp. Recently Ilhan Pektas, a beta tester posted an update on twitter giving a clue about WhatsApp incorporating the above said features in it. This actually gave a kick-start for the rumours about the next update.
  • If at all the rumours turn out to be true, WhatsApp users will be able to like their friends’ display pictures. The users can also use this feature in group chats to like any images, videos or texts sent by their friends. The next feature to mark messages as unread is certainly the feature that the users have been waiting for.

Mark the messages unread!

  • WhatsApp has been great to users with respect to privacy as the users can hide their last seen time from their friends. But the previous update of WhatsApp made users pull their hair. Especially the one who thought they were safe on WhatsApp as it doesn’t let their friends know whether the message has been read or not. The update introduced blue ticks denoting that the messages have been read.
  • People actually want to use WhatsApp but they don’t want their contacts to see whether the messages are read or not. They want to hide it in some way. Recently Adslzone, the information related company published a report which says that WhatsApp uses blue coloured check marks to denote that the messages are read. But now the new feature allows users to reverse the process which means the users can mark the messages unread.

Updates on WhatsApp for web

  • WhatsApp for web was also updated recently and lots of mobile-like features were introduced in order to have better control over individual chats and group conversations. Users can now edit their profile photo and status message. The user interface has also been tweaked a bit. In addition to that, the users can archive, mute and exit group conversations.
  • A few leaked screenshots also say that WhatsApp for web would also get keyboard shortcuts for several actions which the performed quite often. Along with this, one can find a big red button to exit groups or to delete chats. Users don’t have to wait for an update to do this. They can just enable it under the settings as they are server triggered.

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