Thriving Mobile Commerce Sorely Benefits Developers

2 December 2014

Melbourne: As we all know, the stake of smartphone adoption is altering the way users connecting with their mobile devices. Phone calls are not just the point of phones for us anymore. We wish our phones to execute complicated tasks in a shorter period of time. Smartphones are on-the-go devices which can be used instantly to source any real-time information like directions, reviews and prices of any products.

For several years now, online shopping has been a trend and most retailers are incorporating both in-store and online set of deals. This is fabulously expedient for those who want to reap the benefits of the good deals out there. Shopping on mobile devices is becoming much simpler. As developers are making mobile shopping experience more seamless, customers are keen to check out the apps and mobile shopping experiences.

A recent survey showed that 45 million American smartphone users used shopping/commerce app to purchase online. They access shopping applications at an average of 17 times in a month. So, the retailers are finding that customers are more likely to use smartphone apps to intensify their shopping experience. Games are not dominant in apps uses anymore as customers are using commerce applications and making purchases through that. According to a new research report, mobile commerce is finally getting practical, as more than 31% of online purchases are happening through mobile devices.

From 2008, Adobe Digital Index (ADI) has analysed the purchasing behaviours of American customers, by tracking over trillion visits to 4,500 retail websites and also 20 billion visits to number of eCommerce sites just in the month of October 2014. This interpreted into the analysis of money spent online with the top retailers. In the previous year, mobile eCommerce behaviour was actually amounted to show rooming. But in 2014, ADI foretells that there is a vast increase in number of people consummating a purchase on their mobile devices.

This is certainly good news for mobile developers and the companies employing them. The business model of building an app before peddling it to a social network has averted mobile developers from maximizing their income off apps. But there are certain reports about the growth in market which says that mobile commerce will eventually account for half of all eCommerce sales in 2018. With this comprehensive growth seen in ADI data, mobile developers really need to think of apps that not only support consumers to watch video or play games, but also to buy things.

Here are a few advantages of mobile commerce:

  1. Flexible to Access: As people are very flexible to use mobile devices these days, it is quite comfortable and easy to shop online and make payments.
  2. Easy connectivity: As long as the mobile network is available, you can access internet easily with no need of modem and Wi-Fi connection. Also, you can make any number of transactions using a single mobile network.
  3. Convenience: It is quite obvious that convenience is assured with any handy device. Wherever you are, you can easily make payments or purchase any product with just few clicks on your device.
  4. Expansive target audience: Organizing business transactions through mobile commerce assists in increasing the number of users by connecting to a larger number of audiences and you will be able to generate higher sales.

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