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18 September 2013

Melbourne:  Gone are the days when a web business possessor goes to a search engine optimization (SEO) company and shells out at least ten 100 dollar bills for a monthly package of backlinks, article publications, social bookmarking and all the other SEO stuff. They just required traffic to loiter about their website and look for its food.

Nowadays, the patrons  need more than a showy website. As Brian Solis says in his recent book What’s the Future of Business: “Customers are evolving into something new—they’re more connected, empowered and demanding.”

Are you paying attention to these words echoing in your mind? You cannot escape with this situation; adapt the change or die. Conversion rate optimization is the precise way of getting your customers engaged and allowing them through a funnel that exactly helps them to procure a product.

Here our core discussion is WordPress and how to improve conversion rate by using some very essential plugins. Over 68 million sites around the world are now powered by WordPress and a increasing number of them are associated to business.

WordPress development agencies have a huge responsibility that their client site is developed to be cost-effective and is able to provide great user experience. This means giving your clients a solid base for better rankings, lower bounce rates that can result in higher conversions.

Listed are some influential WordPress plugins that you can use or suggest/deploy to your client websites to help them improve their conversion rates.

Jetpack: If there is one plugin that is must for every website, it should be Jetpack. Previously available only for #Wordpress users, now self hosted websites can also avail its benefits. From stats to slideshow creator, this bundle of many small plugins that can improve and super-charge your client’s website. It has also got many social marketing features including likes, subscriptions and social media integrated comments.

Smart Reporter: WordPress is no more a blogging platform it used to be. It gives absolute support to ecommerce through plugins like WP ecommerce. Smart Reporter for WP ecommerce and WooCommerce provide in detail insight for businesses that are selling products online. They can also obtain help in their future business decisions by easy to understand product performance charts and their sales trend.

WP Super Popup: Pop-ups, with all their benefits, can be ugly and distracting. WP Super Popup is a different story. It lets you to create dynamic and fully configurable pop-ups that are totally compatible with any caching plugin. With WYSIWYG editor and live preview, you can aid your clients raise their subscriber rate.

Relevanssi and Search Meter: The default WordPress search is good but Relevanssi along with Search Meter ups the stake for businesses. If you want to give search results that integrate significance and partial word matching, then Relevanssi is the perfect tool to deploy.

Search tools are what all businesses require. Search meter recognizes these needs by providing what visitors are seeking in the search bar. Using these results, businesses can then create relevant blog posts or add related items to boost their sales.

W3 Total Cache or WP SuperCache: Last but not the least, conversion rate is greatly dependent on site load time. Sluggish websites not just repel future customers but also get lesser search ranks. Agencies must ensure that they provide complete strategy that can make their client site provide faster than their competitors. Caching is highly significant in website optimization. While improving site performance, it also paves way to serve more concurrent visitors.

W3 Total Cache or WP SuperCache is both the best plugins in cache. If applied along with CDN and reverse proxy servers like Nginx, your client site will be saving significant visitor time while being search engine’s favorite child.

Conclusion: As we have mentioned some of the best plugin choices to enhance conversion rates on your WordPress site, we also highly recommend getting WordPress Optimization Guide as a jet fuel to outburst leads and conversions.

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