SEO NEWS: SEO Never Stops

19 March 2013


Melbourne: An important aspect of ongoing SEO is maintenance. Just because you’ve built it doesn’t mean that it can withstand time and change on its own. Like a living thing, it needs care from time to time in order to remain healthy. Keeping track of your website’s progress will be the first step of this process. Your SEO maintenance should take care of constant cleaning up of the pages, removing dead links, adding more fresh content, including content oriented pages including blogs, forums, etc. This is all a part of making sure that at the least you don’t lose any ground in the ground in the SERPS.


Another bit of maintenance to keep on your schedule is taking the time to find out which pages on your site are performing well and which are performing poorly. Once you know your site’s weak areas, you will be able to improve the quality of your site to follow the example set by your stronger pages . If you maintain a set schedule for performing this, eventually, even your “weak” pages would be considered admirably strong against your competition.


Speaking of competition, you should also take into consideration your heaviest competition and what they are doing. Basic SEO work can make your site friendly to search engines, but your site also has to perform well in the search engines against your competition. As they increase their efforts, you need to as well in order to remain competitive. Watch what they do and see what works for them, and meet them on a level playing field.


If you constantly perform maintenance for your site and never let up in your vigilance to maintain your rankings in the search engines, you will be able to remain at the head of the pack. If you slack off or falter in your efforts, and another will quickly supplant you. SEO is never-ending, but if you maintain a schedule for maintenance and remain informed with what your competition is doing, you won’t have to worry about it taking all of your energies just to stay even.


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