SEO News: A quiet start to a vigorous year

26 February 2013

Melbourne: Wishing you a good beginning to the New Year. It looks as if it will be a year full of changes. If Google continues at the same pace as the past few months, then a whole lot awaits us. I’m convinced that social media signals will become even more important ‒ our analyses over the past months clearly indicate such.

It remains to be seen whether Google can continue pushing the topic of quality. In any case, good content will remain a topic for 2013. That includes moving away from domain towards author, which is already a good start. Another important topic will continue to be analysis: It is essential to measure activity, and we will do everything we can this year to expand the Suite even more for you.

But first, let’s get to the latest news for the brand new year. As always, there are a lot of backward glances, but I think that it is precisely that which helps us decide where to focus for the New Year:


  • Eric made a few interesting reflections on the ranking factors for 2013. I think his point at the end is particularly applicable: Create a page that you can be proud to show your friends, and you are already there. Not much more needs to be said about that. But, you need to speak German to read it
  • Sujan Patel investigates 10 SEO myths. In my opinion, most of it is a myth ‒ SEO is neither done for, nor are page rankings the holy grail of optimization
  • Google has supposedly removed 50 million pages from the search engine this year, thanks to DMCA, with the trend strongly increasing, according to Barry Schwartz. At issue is an analysis focusing on pirated copies, a RIAA battle against online piracy
  • PR is also increasingly important for SEOs, we’ve known that even before the introduction of the author function. Ken McGaffin has put together 10 good reasons for you to take note. An unequivocal reading tip!
  • What is there to read in Search Engine Land? One page that is hard to avoid as an SEO. Elisabeth Osmeloski put together the most read and shared pages. More social media signals in that regard can be found in our software. The folks there have collected over 6 million social links in the meantime
  • And what is Rand Fishkin’s opinion? He has consulted his crystal ball for the SEOmoz Blog and ventured 10 predictions about changes for inbound marketing. They include: “SEO without social media will be a relic of the past,” “Pinterest will become mainstream” and “Keyword (not provided) will grow 25%.” I think the last number is actually underestimated.


Now it’s time to follow up on the good resolutions and continue with the detailed planning for the year. We have a lot of really cool additional functions planned this year. Not only more software development but also a couple of interesting analyses that we want to get started for you this year. Our database is not presumably the largest in social and SEO data, and you can expect to see some really fancy studies this year.

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