Kickstart 2016 with these Amazing Android Apps

5 January 2016

Melbourne: We have already entered in 2016 and the festivity of New Year is high; so if you are planning to buy a new Android Phone or a Tablet in this year, here’s a list of some amazing apps that are worth having on your new Android smartphone.

  1. RoughAnimator: RoughAnimator is an excellent app for animation which lets you draw several pictures, so that you can play them all together as short animations. Even the advanced animators will not be disappointed with RoughAnimator as it offers more complex features like importing audio for lip-sync, frame rate control and rotoscoping are available.
  2. WiFiMapper: WiFiMapper can be referred to as a weapon in the war of connectivity as the app gives you detailed information about where Wi-Fi is available nearby. It provides you the complete details like whether the Wi-Fi is free, details about signal strength and so on.
  3. Camera MX: If you are someone who’s addicted to selfie’s, Camera MX is a must-have app for you. Yes, it’s a fun and feature-filled camera app. Like all other camera apps, Camera MX also features standard textures, HDR modes, overlays, mirror shot and kaleidoscope effects. But what makes it stand out of other apps is its ‘Shoot the Past’ mode. It allows you capture the actions even before you click the button. It’s definitely an ideal app to capture those hard-to-photograph moments.
  4. Magisto Video Editor: Magisto Video Editor is a great app that allows you to test out the prowess of your Android phone’s camera without getting bogged down. The app can turn your photos and video clips into musical videos automatically. Just take and select the content you wish to use as raw material, provide a title, and select a theme and the audio track. Magisto can do the rest for you.
  5. QualityTime 2.0: QualityTime 2.0 is an app that mirrors your smartphone usage habits and screen addiction. Basically, the app monitors your smartphone usage habits and provides you detailed stats on things like number of times you unlocked the device in a day, time spent on social networks, gaming and others. QualityTime 2.0 also provides you the options for scheduled breaks by reminding you to put the phone down after using it for longer period of time.
  6. Office Lens: It’s an app that allows you scan things using your Android phone’s camera. Office Lens lets you convert the images of anything with words written on it into a Word, PDF or PowerPoint file. Using it, you can also save images to OneDrive and OneNote. It’s really worth a try if you are an Office mobile user.

These are just a few in the lot; there are several other apps that you need to have on your new Android phone. Just give a try and you’ll never uninstall these.

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