How Is And Related?

16 August 2013

Melbourne: It is the striking dynamic between the two that can aid you recognize the role that each plays in the community. 

Sometimes, names make things complicated – and studying WordPress is a great case of this! 

When open source developers and community members making use of the old software known as B2 chose to fork the project and build up it in a new direction, they never dreamed of the achievement they would attain!   The fruit of their labor was the new software, known as WordPress!

WordPress is an open-source CMS (content management system) and blogging platform that presently powers more than 17% of the entire web! 

The WordPress Foundation (Founded by Matt Mullenweg) is a not-for-profit organization devoted to furthering the creation, distribution, and community for the software known as WordPress.  As this software is obtainable for free download at the website, majority of the community refers to it as using 

Open Source software needs that anyone that builds upon it’s codebase give out the resulting code with a GPL (open source) licensing. This does not indicate that the item or service must be free.  Matt Mullenweg discretely founded a business known as Automattic which manages a website that lives at This website is a multi-site, hosted, installation of the software! 

As is employing WordPress .org software, it’s extremely easy to use and pleasant as a blogging platform. However, because Automattic is hosting it, there are many rules and restrictions that are not present in the self-hosted full version of software.

The WordPress Foundation directly profits from the success of Automattic since the financial donations made by Automattic team to the Foundation consist of the primary source of funding for continuing WordPress development.

The and communities team up to serve the infinite needs of a wide range of website owners!

As community members, by virtue of using WordPress, we play a role in spreading the word about WordPress, accounting bugs we find, supporting developers/themes that make use of the GPL license, helping with testing, scoring plugins in the depository, aiding other users, teaching at WordCamps, and helping others.

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