How Mobile Apps Connect Doctors and Patients?

17 October 2014

Melbourne: In today’s whole new world of technology, the first place where customers search for any service is ‘online’. If you have an application that users can access on their mobile devices, you can earn a very good impression from the customers. So, there is a significant change in the field of information technology related to medical services. There are plenty of mobile medical applications which connect doctors and patients easily. Nowadays, mobile applications have become virtual assistants for doctors.

Medical applications:

The wide usage and adoption of mobile technologies has influenced in building innovative ways to improve health care services. Mobile medical applications are the devices which could be attached to a smartphone or any other mobile devices. Customers can use medical mobile apps to track their health information and keep themselves well. Medical applications help health care service professionals to improve and facilitate patient care.

How mobile applications are helping doctors?

The patients are to be educated on their health by giving advices like taking new medicines, when to take them and what to avoid when taking them. Earlier, doctors used to give bed side advices to patients. But now, the technology has improved so much that the doctors can monitor their patients’ health and can also update the latest prescription by using various mobile applications.

Majority of patients often forget the specific instructions given by their doctors within few minutes of the encounter which impacts on their health leading to readmissions and increased costs. Using applications like Kareo patient education and Google Glass, a doctor can record the meeting with his patients by just tapping on the frame of his Google Glass eyeglasses and can also enable the patient to download the digital recording later, if they want to view the instructions again. This relieves patients from the burden of going to the doctor often and also saves their time.

Such Medical applications help people in managing their health condition without any need of specific suggestions. It enables patients with easy access to the information related to health conditions and treatments. These kinds of applications are now being customized based on the patient surveys made.

However, there is a potential downside in emerging technologies related to medical services. The main downside to this technology is that it might not be able to reach people with lower socio economic status. They may not be able to access the electronic resources necessary to use the benefits available from the latest technologies.

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