How to Estimate the Success of an Application?

18 December 2014

Melbourne: Earlier, tracking the number of downloads was pretty sufficient to evaluate the success of a mobile application, but that's no longer the case. The number of downloads doesn’t reflect the actual number of people using that app. So, mobile developers and venture capitalists are more focused on customer engagement and interaction.

App companies can use certain metrics to understand the granular details on how customers are using their product. This can generate valuable information and enhance the market value of an app. Companies can also make use of engagement data to build reliable and returning customers who generate revenues for a company by supporting its business objectives in some tactile ways.

Below are a few metrics to measure the success of an app:

  1. Downloads: Though just the download numbers can't decide that the app is successful; they play a major role in measuring the success. More the number of downloads for a freemium model, higher will be the probability for an app converting free users into paid ones. But you need to make sure that you put your download numbers with respect to the number of active users. So that you can estimate how many are using the app, and monitor the gains or losses of app’s popularity.
  2. Engagement: Normally, user engagement is measured using average session length. Session length is nothing but the amount of time a user spends on an app each time it’s opened. Engagement measures the frequency of opens, usage, conversion rate for events and number of screens used. These metrics tells you whether the users are considering your product indispensable.
  3. Retention: You can estimate retention by dividing the number of active users with the total number of downloads. It’s not just enough if a user downloads your app; you need to make sure that people are staying. One way through which you can achieve this is by providing regular updates. Each and every app undergoes an evolution right from its launch to a number of release versions. The updates might be related to any new features or bug fixes.
  4. Specific goals: Most of the developers will be having a definite vision on how the users might use their app. In order to track specific goals, they just have to go through the steps or events they want users to accomplish with their app; later they can analyse the percentage of people attained those actions.

Estimation and optimization of user engagement metrics is a key for app publishers gaining and maintaining the users. Whether your business model is operated by purchases, in-app advertising or paid subscriptions, revenue generation is fundamentally dependent on user engagement.

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