Gamers are Spending A Lot on Smartphone and Tablet Games

30 January 2015

Melbourne: Recently, a prominent gaming company released a 30 page report on today’s gaming trend which spotted light on mobile spenders who spend a lot on gaming. According to the report, December and January are the two months in which the game developers’ dream of high revenue as the revenue usually soars in these months. In the last year’s holiday season, spending on mobile games kept on jumping by 20% month over month.

Below mentioned are a few points which are highlighted in the gaming trend report:

  1. Smartphone and tablet games are generating more revenue: Report says that nearly 1.5 billion users around the world will have played a game on smartphone or a tablet. This is almost equal to the 51% of the global population. Among this 51%, almost one third i.e. 32% of the gamers have spent their money on smartphone or tablet games.  So, these 485 million mobile game spenders will have spent $4.30 per month approximately.
  2. Spending behaviour differs according to the region: Normally, the spending behaviour differs from region to region. North America shows 64 million game spenders which is approximately equal to 49% of mobile gamers across the globe. They spend $7.68 per month, and this totals up to $5.9 billion in mobile revenues. This illustrates that the revenue growth is fuelled extensively by mobile games.  
  3. Amazon app store has been the best in reaching the mobile spender: While the world is still battling between Google Play and iOS, Amazon app store has been the best in reaching the mobile gamers according to the report. If we just take a closer look on the spending behaviour as per the app stores in US, UK and Germany, we’ll get to know that the gamers using Amazon app store are the ones who are most likely to spend money. This indirectly suggest developers to shift their marketing resources towards Amazon app store.
  4. Share of mobile spenders is growing steadily: Mobile games are not lesser than the PC games anymore as the share of spenders on smartphone and tablet games is growing steadily. Considering the console gamers of UK, US, France and Germany, 67% of all the console gamers and 59% of MOBA gamers spend money on games whereas for mobile games, this share has been increased from 36% to 46% when comparing the years 2012 and 2014.
  5. The great spender is a family man having a full-time job: According to the report, a big spender in US is the one who has kids and a full time job. For women the share of spenders decreases with the age, but it is reverse in case of men. Generally one among the 5 mobile spenders is a man having kids and a large income. More than one third of the smartphone and tablet users around the world play games along with their kids.

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