Drupal 8 delayed as developers complete new features

12 December 2012

The Drupal 8 maintainers – Dries Buytaert, Nathaniel Catchpole and Angela Byron – have announced that the Drupal 8 development will be delayed. The development team has decided to introduce a new "Feature Completion Phase" into the Drupal development cycle immediately following the feature freeze.\


According to Buytaert, this is necessary because "there are still incredible features for Drupal 8 that are heavily in progress, but not quite there yet". These features include blocks and layouts, a WYSIWYG editor with inline editing functions, and support for native web services.


The new development phase is expected to last from 1 December 2012 to 18 February 2013. This means the code freeze for Drupal 8 will be pushed back three months to 1 July 2013. After that, the release schedule provides for a "Polish Phase" culminating in a Release Candidate and the eventual release.


A fixed date for this has not been set. According to the developers, "Drupal 8 will be released when there are no release-critical issues remaining."


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