14 Most Recent Social Media Trends in Melbourne

22 July 2014

Melbourne: Social Media is one of the most pleasing market trends that have been budding in the recent times. By investing some time and effort businesses can make a lot of profit from Social media. Social media has become the standard by which online presence is computed and the recognition of the website is not just reliant on SEO rankings.

Social Media links let businesses to obtain people to share their content on social networks and thus boost the attention around their webpage. Social media presence together with SEO rankings can boost business in Melbourne like no other media at the present. Spending in Social Media Marketing is as significant now as it is to deal with content strategy. Social media is making impacts in terms of sales, revenue generation and leads. It promotes customer loyalty, brand empathy and trust leading to improved popularity for your website through social networks. Australians employ social media to join discussions about brands, read product reviews, post reviews etc. And investigating on a product leads to acquisition which is the elevated point of social networks giving information on brands. Social podiums aid in making real world connections for businesses.

Social media marketing in Melbourne is utilizing social media trends to the maximum which give products much needed edge through online ads and campaigns. The focus on social media podiums for brand marketing is growing in Melbourne as the number of users rises proportionately, and social media is an excellent way to endorse and improve content to intended audiences.

Here we show the 14 sub-trends resulting from this bigger movement.

1. Content Endorsement Takes a Better Chunk of Media Spend:

High quality content, published regularly, is the actual star of social media and common online activity.

2. Niche Interest Networks Will Go Up in Eminence and Usage:

It’s seen that key social networks like Facebook take the major chunk of the two-way media market in current years. However, our online favorites are quickly changing and interest-based networks are starting to get more grip. These micro networks will never bite off the market share of the Facebook’s of the world, but they are getting more consideration in 2014.

3. Long-Time Content Creators will at last Reap the Rewards they Deserve:

One of the prominent changes Google has made in modern times has been the rise of ‘author rank’ which validates the profiles of content creators and can make their content more evident within search results. Content creators are now being rewarded for their history of class content that has been published over a continued period of time. This trend is becoming increasingly evident in 2014.

4. The Lack in Content-Savvy Digital Talent Get Poorer Before It Gets Better:

To be booming in this new world, you require having an exclusive set of skills, including content creation, digital production, social media knowledge, content creation and an understanding of SEO. People with experience in all these domains are in small supply and as demand for these people boosts in 2014, so too will the annoyance.

5. SoundCloud Headlines the Audio Sharing Renaissance

SoundCloud has about 250 million active users which positions it 4th among the ‘big 9’ social sharing podiums, after Facebook, YouTube and Google+. It is increasing more in popularity as audio content is always easier to produce, consume and share.

6. Next Year’s Shiny new toy won’t fly off the shelf like we are used to:

Each year a novel social media podium turns up on the scene and we together flip out at the probabilities it may offer. But, how many more social podiums can we deal with? How much more funds and resource can we allot to one more new toy? In 2014, we have already started to say ‘no’.

7. Content Marketing gets the buzz phrase treatment

Content Marketing is not something new, but because of rise of social media, it is much simpler to do. But class content is the key to achievement. When delivered aptly, it can depict the knowledge and skill housed within an organization better than any other usual marketing activity.

8. The Recovery of Genuine User-Generated Content Contests

An ideal storm is on the horizon about user-generated content contests. Businesses and brands are worried for more co-created content to feature on their social media channels. People can take part in these competitions, with much ease with the help of tools like Twitter, Vine and Instagram.

Owing to the joint benefits offered by content contests, you can see a big leap in this activity in 2014.

9. Digital Team Structures Head toward a Bona Fide Hybrid Model:

Almost all organizations are striving hard to devise how to combine digital into all facets of marketing in a better way. There is a general consensus that operating solely in silos impacts efficacy and efficiency. As the focus on original content has increased, anticipate seeing real hybrid models accepted with more frequency.

10. The Viral Video Obsession Won’t Vanish

Going viral is not a sustainable approach. Viral video marketing has been a favor and an annoyance for digital marketers. On one hand, it has illustrated the power of online video, on the other; success has been previously determined by view counts rather than resulting viewer actions. This obsession has not changed much in 2014 as instant outcomes maintain to take priority over playing the long game.

11. SEO isn’t Dead, it has Just been Redefined

Google made some major changes to its search product in 2013 and these developments have delivered numerous traditional SEO strategies useless in exchange for actual content tactics and production. Anticipate Google to significantly improve the factors that persuade search results subsequent year and further. Effective Search Engine Optimization with help of social media is really beneficial for any online business. 

12. The (Big Time) Return of the Blog

A blog is also an asset in a channel you really have which offers long-term value than ‘renting’ social channels.

13. The Inevitable Social Media Backlash

Social media is facing increased scrutiny in 2014. The industry asks whether or not delivering against the hype.

14. The Only Consistent will Continue to be change…faster and faster change

Permanent change is embedded in the DNA of digital and social media. In 2014, the rate of change is like nothing we have ever seen before, and it is not restricted to the prominent podiums. Technology like Google Glass will have an effect on user behaviour and brands will try to respond to developments like this.

The developments will now keep coming, and coming and coming...

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