Make Your Call to Actions More Effective With These Amazing Techniques

There are several approaches which you can take while designing an ecommerce website; you might have noticed that there are some features which are most critical to provide the customer a good experience. The first main thing you need to consider is the looks of the store front where you spend a lot of time on enhancing it to make sure that everything flows properly.

But you might be worried that why people are not adding your products into their cart even though the store look is good. You are getting traffic but it’s not getting converted. Sometimes, the customers might feel difficult with the confusing navigation of your website and also because of a poor call to action made. They just don’t know where to click. Yes! Call to action is an important thing in an ecommerce website which tempts your customers to buy your products.

What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

Call to Action is nothing but an effective instruction given to the visitors of your website; it guides them by telling where to click and what to do. A good call to action lights up the path to your checkout process and converts a visitor into customer as soon as possible. It is the main thing which the visitors look at as soon as they get into your website. So it must be appealing enough to catch the attention of the visitors. The most common examples are “Buy Now” and “Shop Now” buttons.

Though there is no proper definition for a good phrase, button, style or size, it’s always important to optimize your storefront. Storefront is something that can be tested and optimized, but it is always good to have an understanding on certain techniques to be used in order to make effective call to actions. So let’s get into the details of making CTAs more effective.

Few tactics to make CTA effective:

  1. Hurrying increases your conversion rates: Yes! It’s true. When the shoppers get to know that it’s a limited period opportunity, the probability of them getting inclined to your product is high. This strategy is often followed by the retail stores (end of season sales run for a week); you can apply the same formula on your ecommerce site. We can see many examples like “Buy now- For sale only till midnight”; this creates the sense of urgency and it definitely gives a huge lift for your business.  
  2. Test different colours: There is no particular colour defined that it’s the best to convert visitors into customers. But, it’s very important to make sure that the colour you use creates a vibe in the visitors’ mind. Below are few suggestions to consider while choosing colours for your CTA. - Make it clear by giving white space around your CTA. Make sure that the CTA stands out from your website’s background. Don’t add too much of animations and make it look crazy.
  3. Use simple buttons: This technique is already being followed by many ecommerce websites; it’s always better to have at least a small border surrounding the text rather than having just a text link. You can analyse the history; the buttons have done exceptionally well in directing visitors to the checkout process. Just a “Buy” or “Add to cart” works really well. You can also try changing the copy of the buttons; for example, if you are selling something like coffee, you can change “Buy” to “Brew it”. It can also help in conversion.
  4. Keep it above the fold: Fold of a storefront is the first thing that hits the visitors’ eyes when they scroll down. So it’s better to keep it above the fold so that that there will be some chances of visitors navigating through it and proceed to buy the product.

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