How Can Magento Managed Services Benefit Your Retail Business?

Today, the technology has grown so much that we can see its impact in almost all the fields (medical, educational, retail business, etc.). Without the influence of technology, it’s very hard for retailers to stay ahead in the competition and it has been the main reason for most of the retailers going online. Such retailers can make use of Magento which is referred as the most preferable ecommerce platforms.

Of course, it’s not an easy task to maintain a complex IT environment like Magento Enterprise having several marketing automation systems, modules/extensions and ERP solutions. Because normally the retailers will have limited resources and it would be difficult for them to handle an IT environment whose needs vary from infrastructure, design, development and testing.

Moreover the retailers need to concentrate on their core businesses. Spending too much time to add value to the business could actually impact in a negative way; they need to balance both the things smartly. Today online platforms have become a lifeline for most of the retailers and it has to be maintained according to the business needs.

In an ecommerce business, if the businesses fail to manage the IT properly, soon or later things start to fall apart while making a negative impact on the business. You need to release the security patches and the released patches must be updated in the application. If you fail to do so, it causes IT outages leading to revenue loss.

Below listed are a few scenarios that the retailers might come across in IT department:

  1. Any person in the in-house team might leave suddenly and there could arise some issue that has to be resolved immediately.
  2.  The in-house team might not have the necessary skillsets to resolve the issue.
  3. Sometimes, there arises a situation where the development and implementation is completed but the retailers are not satisfied with the implementation.
  4. The retailers might not be able to update the patch due to lack of resources.

These are just the sample scenarios that could make the business standstill and it is where the Magento managed services come into picture. Here are a few advantages offered by Magento Managed Services:

  1. It reduces the total cost of ownership
  2. It increases the operational efficiency
  3. It provides access to the skilled resources
  4. It improves application stability
  5. It offers room for continuous improvements according to the changing needs of organizations
  6. It increases business productivity by eliminating the downtime
  7. It enables easy migration of apps
  8. It allows you to choose the support and maintenance option based on your requirement
  9. It allows you to focus on your core business; you need not worry about the technology

So the great managed services are those that play an important role in the growth of retailer’s business by providing proper support on the regular communication and accountability.

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