5 Web Design Trends to Gain Speed in Coming Months

Web design is a dynamic and diverse industry that is evolving at a rapid pace. Web design is not an end product but it’s something like an asset that helps you in the presentation of a product by connecting people.

We have seen lots of web design trends that geared up in the year 2015 and now we have almost come to the end of 2015. The design trends that are popping up now seem to gain the speed in 2016.

Below is a list of top web design trends we can see in the coming months. Some of the below mentioned trends have caught up well and some seem relatively new.

#1. Flat Design: Flat design is not a new trend; it has been around for a while but it had not gathered the speed. Now flat design is there with fewer features like no frills flat design. This design uses simple typography, bold colours and simple shapes.

It provides the required depth and dimensions to the page and helps in balancing the flatness of other elements on the page.

#2. Illustrations: An ideal web designer always wants to add more personality to the website but the options are limited. The designs are more likely to be the duplicate of something similar on the other sites.

One easy way to get out of this is use hand-drawn illustrations. These hand-drawn illustrations can later be modified and custom designed for the brand. So, the issue of replication can be easily eliminated.

One good thing about illustrations is that, you can get help from plenty of illustration experts from the web itself.

#3. Moving Images: Today, we can see lots of websites having a large background image. Moving image is the next step of it; it’s gaining a huge popularity and seems like it’s going to gain even more speed in the coming months.

A few websites also implemented the video background which didn’t click for obvious reason – the high loading time. Of course, we can get the best results even by using cinema graphs.

But moving image provides you the necessary effect using the lesser bandwidth than a video.

#4. Scrolling Obsession: We don’t have to stuff all the content at the top of the page in a website. It’s not just distracting but it looks like the internet will not have traditional ‘fold’ anymore.

Since when mobile technology started to grow, users have become accustomed to scrolling. Scrolling also benefits you in many other ways; you will have control over the information they see or else the users just go on clicking around coming to their own conclusions.

#5. Full Screen Video: Though the sites with video background loads a bit slower, the number of sites implementing this are not getting reduced.

The advancements in HTML5 are enforcing the brands to use videos in a way that was not possible earlier. Video background can connect the users in a way that a still image cannot.

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